Additive Manufacturing - RAPID PROTOTYPING – 3D-PRINTING IN SOLINGEN, Germany

What was considered science fiction yesterday has become the reality of today. And you can benefit from it, now.

You are spontaneously in need of some sort of basic commodity, model, prototype, or spare part?

The desired object can be printed – easily, accurately and cost-efficiently.

All you need is a virtual 3D model and a 3D printer. If you do not have either available, AUMAT Maschinenbau GmbH from Solingen is here to help you.

(Picture: in use in our company: the Dimension Elite)

Application Examples:

  • You have a new product idea, and you want to test the market acceptance with a small batch series?
  • You are a product designer, and you would like to examine your designs on more than just a virtual level?
  • You are a marketing specialist, and you want to excel with innovative and personalized advertizing material?
  • You are a craftsman or mechanical engineer, and you are in urgent need of an inexpensive functional device?

Our Services in 4 Steps

You want to create a prototype for your new product design?
You need the prototype quickly, and you want it to be budget-friendly?
We offer competent and comprehensive support – in 4 steps – encompassing the entire development and production process:

1 From the idea…
Generating ideas for the realization of your concepts and wishes

2 via the 3D model…
Creating a 3D model with our CAD program based on you draft or you 2D CAD file

3 through to the printed object:…
Printing the model with our 3D printer (if possible)

4 or to the small batch series:
Involvement of service providers specializing in small batch series or specific material requisitions.
Examples of objects printed by us.


AUMAT Maschinenbau GmbH
Kyllmannweg 19
42699 Solingen

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